40 Years Ago | Rumble In the Jungle

rumble in the jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle was an historic boxing event in 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire (now DRC). Held at the "20th of May Stadium" on the night of October 30, 1974 (4:00 am). The stage pitted the undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman against challenger  Muhammad Ali. Ali won by knockout, putting Foreman down just before the end of the eighth round. It has been called "arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century" excerpts from wikipedia http://gty.im/457841140 http://gty.im/151357598 Muhammad Ali Stats 1. 56 Wins (37 knockouts, 19 decisions) 2. 5 Losses (4 decisions, 1 retirement) a) Joe Frazier (Decision) Joe Frazier Decision (unanimous) 15 (15) 03/08/1971 New York City, NY b) Ken Norton Ken Norton Decision (split)     12 (12) 03/31/1973 San Diego, CA C) Leon Spinks Leon Spinks Decision (split)    15 (15) 02/15/1978 Las Vegas, NV d) Larry Holmes Larry Holmes TKO 10 (15)       10/02/1980 Las Vegas, NV e)

Saté Saté Logic | A Nkana View of Ronald Kampamba

Ronald Kampamba proudly known as Sate Sate

There is an Ode To Joy in the Zambia super league particularly for fans at Chilata with subs  Sate Sate Jubilee, a victory song circulating with a Kopala Swag and others accent. Saté Jubilee doesn't err; It's the ball itself which would Ati Saté Jubilee talufyanya; Ni bola iyine eingalubana   Not exactly schillers' but Beethoven demonstration is close identifying elements that bring brothers together.  At Nkana Ronald Kampamba , has earned such names as Landlord wa PaChilata for his personal attachment and dedication to the club. He is also referred to as Kalubula (Saviour) for his habitual solo goals whenever chips are down. In his childhood, he used to always suggest a 30 minute-halfed match when playing street football. And the name Saté Saté (30-30) stuck with

3 Lessons from El Clasico | A Barca’s Loss


Barca suffered a 3:1 defeat to Real Madrid at Bernabeu. Real Madrid emerged a better team thanks to Ancelloti having restored sanity and with the Ronaldo's current direction the team is so willingly to assume the top spot. The last night win ensured Real Madrid a point behind Barca. http://gty.im/457850298 Ref:  Jesus Gil Line Ups Real Madrid: Casillas, Carvajal, Pepe, S.Ramos, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Isco, James, Benzema, Ronaldo Barcelona: Bravo, Alves, Mascherano, Pique, Mathieu, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Suarez, Messi, Neymar  Media Influence Messi and Neymar partnership and general understanding was flourishing. The Uruguay of course made some noise on the wing just few minutes into the game and it was that cross to the center that Neymar advantaged into a goal.                  

World Football | October 2014 FIFA Rankings

October 2014 FIFA ranking

World Football sees on top 10 Portugal, Uruguay, Netherlands and Spain moved lesser whiles Belgium and France clears toward a comeback World Football - October 2014 FIFA World Ranking Position Country Comment 1 Germany Maintained 2 Argentina Maintained 3 Colombia Maintained 4 Belgium Gone up by a point 5 Netherlands Droped by a point 6 Brazil Maintained 7 France Moved two positions better 8 Uruguay Moved a point backward 9 Portugal Portugal suffered a setback from 7 10 Spain Spain also suffered and went backward from 8 CAF | FIFA Africa Rankings Notable is Togo with incredible repositioning, Cape Verde very steadily moving into big shares. Egypt has also shown leniency toward a comeback and those on the rotten tomatoes  include Ghana and of worse is Senegal followed by Nigeria. CAF - October 2014 FIFA Africa Ranking Position Country Comment 1 Algeria Maintained 2 Ivory Coast Maintained 3 Tunisia Maintained 4 Cape Verde Moved from 7 | C. Verde steadily upscaling  5 Ghana Dropped by Point 6 Egypt Great strides from 13 7 Cameroon Moved a position better 8 Senegal Moved 5 point backward-

Impressive Sports Wearables

Sports wearables are a new must for sportsmen looking at real time content and the most valuable asset - data. But now professional sports teams are finding a use for wearable workout gizmos, using the data these devices measure to better track players’ health and performance - Mark Berniker and Josh Lipton Nike Hyperdunk+ For measuring total performance of athletes. Jump height, distance covered, average speed, idling, best sprint, etc. Quiet cool!  Several sensors embedded in the shoe transmit via bluetooth to the smartphone real time activities. Price Offers starts from $140. Huge sportlr benefits. This is value for money for the ambitious sportsman looking at sports wearables. I encourage footballers vying for degrees of measured performance, this is the tech gadget for the take. JawBone Up24 Band + App + You = Up

Zambia Vs Niger | Lessons From Ticket Sales

Donashano Malama, Munthali and Tshimenga

The share of the less anticipated game follows this distribution VIP K300 Lower East Deck K 100 Lower West Deck K 100 North Lower Deck K 20 South Lower Deck K20 East Lower Deck K 50 West Upper Deck K 50 North Upper Deck K 20 South Upper Deck K 20 With a peep at the Post Office yesterday showed lesser activities as fans are shunning away. But consistent football fans flocked around. This distribution is fair for most at K20 and K50 though for the upper decks but a good first row gives a fair view.