A Requiem For Nkana | A Postulate Of Disillusion

By Chabula Kashamo | In June last year, Christopher Munthali gifted Kalengo a goal in the second half when he was dispossessed at the back. That day, Kelvin Mubanga was a ghost of himself and gave away a goal too; Mwila Kabwe was unbelievably slow. At Scrivener, in the reverse fixture, coach Masautso Mwale resorted to playing two holding Midfielders which made the game an ugly one to watch. However, we held each other to a one-all draw. A fan's lesson after a vivid and shortfall of Nkana  On July 9th this year, Kalengo again caught Billy Mwanza, Noel Phiri lapsing in concentration from a set-piece. In this particular Wednesday game, despite coming two days after beating Konkola Mine Police 3-1, it caused a deafening

Secret For Nkana To Reign Over Zesco Rigmarole

Zesco have won 12 and drawn 5 of the matches with Nkana having won none. Zesco United have scored 30 goals while Nkana have scored 7 goals. | Puncherello Chama 3 Things to Do Support Support is the surest way that Kalampa must take to initiate an overflow of Zega embarrassing reign | Lensesview Nkana commands an overwhelming and exhilarating support. The twelfth man must applaud from the terraces and climax to a psychological influence. Wit and support will encourage the boys.   Chambeshi Strategy | Upload Sate Sate and Festus Mbewe must exploit the rigid Zesco defence. Whoever Mathius will handle of the two the cause will be of advantage to Nkana. Billy Mwanza was a let down in the second leg where Nkana lost 3:0. He

Last Day Of The Season @Arthur Davies In Pictures

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A case for dual disappointment,  fans low turn out and a disappointing team through the 46 + 49 total minutes poor play time. To play Continental football Power Dynamos must start to look at key areas and begin to build a team [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="8" gal_title="Last Day Of the Season"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="12" gal_title="Last Day Of the Season"]


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