End Of The Zesco Reign or Expiration Of Beston Chambeshi.

Jackson Mwanza against Mufulira Wanderers

| For the fans its been a turn to chance and divine intervention as their is no clear plan on how Zesco tolerance and torment over Nkana will issue out and forbid the history's towing, bullying that Zesco United has enjoyed over Nkana football club. Nkana [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="21" gal_title="Nkana Against Zesco A 2015 Story"] For Beston Chambeshi its a test toward the scoreboard ultimatum. This rises to certain and good question. Was 'The Executive' truly free to give Chambeshi the ultimatum unhindered  in full thoughts and the awareness that the next 3 games will include Zesco (a pain and source of contention). Or perhaps they issued flamboyantly the next 3 win ultimatum as a say because the fans were crying for BC's blood.

Power Dynamos’ Odds A Rare Football Comebacks.

Alex ngonga

This afternoon Power (Zambia) plays CF Mounana of Gabon in a showdown that has given headsup to the Gabon side for their 4:0 victory at home two weeks ago. Power is expected to slash out 5:0 to survive to the next stage. The stats are huge but a comeback however is possible. They are rare but football holds some records of the comeback. National 1. Nigeria 4-4 Russia in FIFA World Youth Championship 1989. Russia was leading 4-0 after 58 minutes into the match, but in the space of 30 minutes, Nigeria fought back to equalize 4-4 and take the match into penalty shoot-out. The Nigerians triumph 5-3 in penalties. 2. DR Congo 4-4 Burkina Faso in African Cup of Nations 1998. Burkina Faso was