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A Messi Year with a Messiah Type Topling

A Messi Year with a Messiah Type Topling 1

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With 56 goals to himself so far this season, a double trophy already in-hand, their is less doubt of the pending UEFA topling. Towards the end of the season Messi has yet given his unflinching type  style we have participated our eyes on through the years,  proved back to his ridiculous "no one can stop Messi" type goals. The world footballer yet stands at his helm in 2015! 
And proving him wrong that this calendar less promises him will not only shudder but bring insult among many loved fans. The UEFA final with Juventus will settle the season in some style and form to continue consolidating a Messi remembrance. No wonder almost every match that Messi participates in, a record of sorts is broken. Look at his his brilliant style for the year
 La LigaChampions LeagueCopa Del Rey
Matches Played38125
Foul Committed2482
A Messi Year with a Messiah Type Topling 2
Lionel Messi stunt passing Athletico defender leading to a brilliant goal

Messi in the Spanish cup final Barcelona (3) against Athletico Bilbao (1) upheld further his worthy with a stunner and brilliant goal. It was a Messi magic of one…two…three passed defenders, four…five and it’s behind the goalie. This is a sort of display expected as the UEFA Champions final draws to the close with Juventus this weekend.

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