The Orgasmic Clives Sichiondwe and Hachilenza

The Orgasmic Clives Sichiondwe and Hachilenza

Godfrey Ucar Chitalu, Paul Masumba, Emmanuel Mayuka: Kabwe warriors now peacefully sleeping in the dust of their rich ruins had players who sent waves of wow and twitching excitement in the Ucar 107 stadium each time the boys stepped on that glorious pitch. Now nothing but an artifact, a citadel of diminished glory. But today we bring into short focus the Clive- Sichiondwe and Hachilenza partnership. one of the most potent combinations in modern times. On the rear right of the 2005 magnificent Kabwe warriors side was captain fantastic Clive Sichiondwe while the inimitable Clive Hachilenza secured the rear left and this combination was an impossible explosion of orgasmic football. Clive Hachilenza on the left was a D14 six-cylinder head engine.

Zambia’s Most Potent Combinations In Modern Times – Bruce Musakanya and Shadereck Malambo

Bruce Musakanya and Shadereck Malambo

BRUCE Musakanya and SHADERECK Malambo (2012) merchants of destruction, little bundle of a menacing gas chamber; Today we look at Bruce Musakanya and his explosive partnership with Shadereck Malambo in the 2012 season: one of the most potent combinations in modern times. Bruce Musakanya and Shadereck Malambo are by far the most underwritten Zambia top flight midfielders in modern Zambian football and with their star of ascendancy rising as far back as 2012, they might now be slowly running out of gas. The 2012 Red Arrows was one of the most gifted sides the Zambia Super League has ever seen. In the midfield was an impossible combination of Bruce and Shadereck. Bruce playing as an ignition valve was a ghost on the

Zambia’ most potent combinations in modern times

Enchanting combination of Rainford Kalaba and Jacob Mulenga

Zambia's most potent combinations in modern times drive a list that includes known names such as Kalaba and Jacob. This enchanting combination remains one of the most ferocious football bromances in modern Zambian History. 1. Rainford Kalaba and Jacob Mulenga (Afrisport) Zambian football had gone in somewhat a state of hibernation till a new killer arrived on the block - Afrisport. The newly-promoted Kitwe side donning National Colours were literally wreaking havoc beating big sides black and blue while mistifying the Zambia football landscape in the 2002 /3 season. At the heart of that Afrisport team was an inconspicuous 17-year-old midfield maestro with some evil genius in his feet: Rainford Kalaba. The little genius was simply a Kalahari scorpion at prime. He was so small

Fire and ice at heroes as Zambia hosts Zimbabwe

Zambia super league scoreboard

There will be an atmosphere pregnant with a mixed feeling of fire and ice at Heroes this evening when Zambia steps forward to take on Zimbabwe in a bid for redemption. Aggrey Chiyangi hangs on a thin thread above the fires of trouble and its redemption or is dumped. The bleedings in Blida were profuse after that 5_0 humiliation at the hands of Algeria but Zambia will now need an atmospherical cleansing and let the caravans go. By and by the performance from the boys in Algeria was not as bad as the final score painted it. The match was pegged at 😳 throughout the first half and almost all the goals were shipped in within a space of thirty minutes

Invincible Zesco United date Mighty

Zesco united vs city

After leaving Green Buffaloes in stitches over the weekend, Zesco United will have might on their menu this Thursday in a rescheduled fixture. Zesco United have been in a devastating form breaking barriers and crashing everything standing on their way since the beginning of the 2019 season. They have gone six matches unbeaten at the same time as they have qualified to the group stages of the lucrative Champions League. Lwandamina has indoctrinated his charges with an infectious style of football which siphoned the life out of their opponents through possessive rectitude. They are so comfortable on the ball than their opponents look belittled and fall in the trap of second class prognosis. Jesse Were, Quadri Kola, Winston Kalengo, Kamusoko and

Prosper Chilufya vs Zakaria Chilongoshi; who is who?

Prosper Chilufya vs Zakaria Chilongoshi

Beston CHAMBESHI named his local-based under 23 squad and eye brows of mixed feelings have been raised on the dropping of Zakaria Chilongoshi at the expense of Prosper Chiluya both of Kabwe Warriors. Chilongoshi plays more often than Chiluya at Kabwe Warriors and everyone wonders how he is dropped while Chiluya who is not the coaches favourite at warriors has been picked. More Details: Zakaria Chilongoshi player profile Chilongoshi or Chiluya where did CHAMBESHI go wrong? Consistency, focus and a defined tactical approach towards the game is everything descriptive about a team destined for success. Success especially at the world stage like the Olympics. Looking at the growth and success of the under 23 team under Beston CHAMBESHI from their participation and consequent