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Barclays Cup Biddings: Its Rumble or be Rumbled As Zesco Take On Nkana

Barclays Cup Biddings: Its Rumble or be Rumbled As Zesco Take On Nkana 1

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Zesco United will this weeked come head on with Nkana in a Rumble or be rumbled Barclays cup affair. 

It is a show down that is already casting beckons of a bloody bath and we must be braced for anything. The last time the two clashed, the match had to be abandoned as bloody scenes of terror erupted at the nick of time when Nkana was given a penalty and now the battle must continue from right where it ended.

The brutal cat and dog affair is inevitable as the two sides have been intertwined in a web of animosity since ever. They both stand tall on the Zambian football landscape like the pyramids of Egypt:

Gigantic, daring and untouchable. Kings of this of the Zambian football jungle in their own rights.

Without a grain of salt, Nkana has always been the landlords of Zambian football having bagged 12 tittles – a feat no other Zambian team has achieved. However, since 2004, Zesco United has been pointing a daring finger in the Face of Nkanas authority.

They have been dominating with stubborn aggressiveness, bagging 7 league tittles within a space of 14 seasons and when two powers finally collide the weaker must submit.

A closer postmortem of the two sides puts Nkana an inch above Zesco United who are still recovering from a hangover of a sweet 7th league title.

Zesco already has something in their trophy cabinet leaving Nkana under pressure to win by all cost lest their overhyped Fans will turn the blood painted swords of a lost battle on the Neck of Beston Chambeshi.

In all fairness, Nkana has been the best performing team in the last quarter of the league. Their defence has been rock solid, the midfield has been potent and their front line of Walter, Mbombo, Sate sate and Festus Mbewe have been the most merciless bloody suckers hitherto but this will be their litmus test.

Getting into this Barclays cup knock out round, Nkana must however be warned that Sabumukama might be a trojan horse who can literally crash the entire Nkana aspirations for silverware with a single touch of magic.

He is extremely elusive and protects the ball with swine greedy. His stella combinations with Chingandu and Mtonga going forward are absolutely acidic. The trio move in Bavarian triangles which offer a unique genre of Zambian football all together: It is this sweet football of passing intrigue from the restless heart of their midfield which gives them a razor sharp penetrating impetus.

With the two live wires in Kambole and Jesse Were running behind the inimitable Musa Muhammed, a pound for pound stone breaker who tackles without blinking in the Kalampa defence. Musa Muhammed and company have been a dictionary definition of the phrase – Black doesnt crack!:

We are up for the most mind blowing showdown of the year.


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