Latest Results

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Latest results streaming live and updates of MTN super league and the national league, women football and Zambia men’s national team


Here is everything you need to know about Zambian football, the MTN super league, FAZ Eden national league, FAZ women's football, league fixtures and results, head-to-head, goal, live streaming, scores, and latest news and updates.

Latest Results

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Indeni vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2220
Red Arrows vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2220
Namibia vs ZambiaCosafa Cup2021/22, 2022Final
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Nigeria Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
Zambia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Tunisia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Tunisia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
Zambia v BotswanaCosafa Cup2021/22-
Zambia Women v Togo WomenWAFCON2021/223
Cameroon Women v Tunisia WomenWAFCON2021/223
Togo Women vs Cameroon WomenWAFCON2021/222
Zambia Women vs Tunisia WomenWAFCON2021/222
Tunisia vs TogoWAFCON2021/221
Cameroon vs ZambiaWAFCON2021/221
Zanaco vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2224
Kafue Celtic vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2223
Kabwe Warriors vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2224
Zesco United vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2224
Lusaka Dynamos vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2224
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2224
Nkwazi vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2224
Indeni vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2224
Red Arrows vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2224
Chambishi vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2224
Green Eagles vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2223
Konkola Blades vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2223
Prison Leopards vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2223
Green Buffaloes vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2223
Forest Rangers vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2223
Nchanga Rangers vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2223
Nkana vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2223
KYSA vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2223
Buildcon vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2223
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2223
Quattro Kalumbila vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2223
Malaiti Rangers vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2223
MUZA vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2223
Trident vs JumuloNational League2021/2223
Livingstone Pirates vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2223
Young Green Buffaloes vs GomesNational League2021/2223
Luapula Green Eagles vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2223
Livingstone Pirates vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2219
Police College vs KYSANational League2021/2222
City Of Lusaka vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2222
Jumulo vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2222
Young Green Eagles vs MUZANational League2021/2222
Mufulira Wanderers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2222
NAPSA Stars vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2222
Kitwe United vs TridentNational League2021/2222
Nkwazi vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2222
Zanaco vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2222
Kabwe Warriors vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2222
Lusaka Dynamos vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2222
Gomes vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2222
Lumwana Radiants vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2222
Indeni vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2222
Power Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2222
Red Arrows vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2222
Chambishi vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2222
Zesco United vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2222
Trident vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2221
Luapula Green Eagles vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2221
MUZA vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2221
Malaiti Rangers vs GomesNational League2021/2221
Livingstone Pirates vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2221
Young Green Buffaloes vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2221
Kitwe United vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2221
KYSA vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2221
Kansanshi Dynamos vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2221
Konkola Blade vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2221
Kafue Celtic vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2221
Prison Leopards vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2221
Green Buffaloes vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2221
Nchanga Rangers vs JumuloNational League2021/2221
Green Eagles vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2221
Forest Rangers vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2221
Zesco United vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2221
Nkana vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2221
Red Arrows vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2220
Indeni vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2220
Young Green Eagles vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2220
Kabwe Warriors vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2220
Lumwana Radiants vs KYSANational League2021/2220
NAPSA Stars vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2220
Chambishi vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2220
Lusaka Dynamos vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2220
Buildcon vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2220
Police College vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2220
Power Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2220
Gomes vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2220
Jumulo vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2220
Nkwazi vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2220
Mufulira Wanderers vs MUZANational League2021/2220
Zanaco vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2220
Green Eagles vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2219
Zesco United vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2219
Green Buffaloes vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2219
City Of Lusaka vs TridentNational League2021/2220
City Of Lusaka vs GomesNational League2021/2219
Luapula Green Eagles vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2219
MUZA vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2219
Quattro Kalumbila vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2220
Kafue Celtic vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2219
KYSA vs JumuloNational League2021/2219
Konkola Blades vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2219
Nkana vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2219
Young Green Buffaloes vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2219
Malaiti Rangers vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2219
Prison Leopards vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2219
Trident vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2219
Indeni vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2219
Kitwe United vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2219
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2219
Jumulo vs MUZANational League2021/2218
Police College vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2218
NAPSA Stars vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2218
Lumwana Radiants vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2218
Chambishi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2218
Lusaka Dynamos vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2218
Buildcon vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2218
Quattro Kalumbila vs KYSANational League2021/2218
Nkwazi vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2218
Mufulira Wanderers vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2218
Red Arrows vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2218
Gomes vs TridentNational League2021/2218
Zanaco vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2218
Chambishi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/22-
Power Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2218
Nchanga Rangers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2218
Kabwe Warriors vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2218
Forest Rangers vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2218
Red Arrows vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2217
Zanaco vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2213
Prison Leopards vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2211
Lumwana Radiants vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2215
Buildcon vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2217
Forest Rangers vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2217
Jumulo vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2217
Lusaka Dynamos vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2217
Police College vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2217
Mufulira Wanderers vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2217
Lumwana Radiants vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2217
Quattro Kalumbila vs MUZANational League2021/2217
Young Green Eagles vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2217
Nchanga Rangers vs KYSANational League2021/2217
NAPSA Stars vs GomesNational League2021/2217
Trident vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2217
Nkwazi vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2217
Kabwe Warriors vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2217
Zanaco vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2217
Power Dynamos vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2217
Zesco United vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/221
Kansanshi Dynamos vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/221
Kitwe United vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/221
Kabwe Warriors vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2216
Konkola Blades vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2216
City Of Lusaka vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2216
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2216
NAPSA Stars vs TridentNational League2021/2216
Green Buffaloes vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2216
Green Eagles vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2216
Kitwe United vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2216
Chambishi vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2216
Zesco United vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2216
MUZA vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2216
Luapula Green Eagles vs JumuloNational League2021/2216
KYSA vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2216
Young Green Buffaloes vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2216
Nkana vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2216
Gomes vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2216
Indeni vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2216
Malaiti Rangers vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2216
Zanaco vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2215
Quattro Kalumbila vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2215
Red Arrows vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2215
Trident vs KYSANational League2021/2215
Police College vs GomesNational League2021/2215
Livingstone Pirates vs MUZANational League2021/2215
Young Green Eagles vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2215
Lusaka Dynamos vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2215
Kafue Celtic vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2215
Power Dynamos vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2215
Prison Leopards vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2215
Forest Rangers vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2215
Nkwazi vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2215
Buildcon vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2215
Nchanga Rangers vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2215
Mufulira Wanderers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2215
Jumulo vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2215
Zesco United vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2214
Red Arrows vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2214
Young Green Buffaloes vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2214
City Of Lusaka vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2214
Young Green Eagles vs TridentNational League2021/2214
Malaiti Rangers vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2214
Nkana vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2214
Green Buffaloes vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2214
Indeni vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2214
Chambishi vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2214
NAPSA Stars vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2214
MUZA vs KYSANational League2021/2214
Konkola Blades vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2214
Kansanshi Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2214
Luapula Green Eagles vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2214
Kabwe Warriors vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2214
Gomes vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2214
Kitwe United vs JumuloNational League2021/2214
Konkola Blades vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2211
Green Eagles vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2213
Mufulira Wanderers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2213
Buildcon vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2213
Quattro Kalumbila vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2213
Jumulo vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2213
Prison Leopards vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2213
Power Dynamos vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2213
Livingstone Pirates vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2213
Trident vs MUZANational League2021/2213
Lumwana Radiants vs GomesNational League2021/2213
Police College vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2213
KYSA vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2213
Nchanga Rangers vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2213
Kafue Celtic vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2213
Lusaka Dynamos vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2213
Nkwazi vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2213
Forest Rangers vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2213
Kitwe United vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2212
Nkana vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2212
Zesco United vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2212
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2212
City Of Lusaka vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2212
Zanaco vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2212
Chambishi vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2212
Kabwe Warriors vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2212
Green Buffaloes vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2212
Young Green Eagles vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2212
Indeni vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2212
Police College vs TridentNational League2021/2212
Gomes vs JumuloNational League2021/2212
Malaiti Rangers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2212
Young Green Buffaloes vs MUZA National League2021/2212
Red Arrows vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2212
NAPSA Stars vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2212
Luapula Green Eagles vs KYSANational League2021/2212
Buildcon vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2211
Lusaka Dynamos vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2211
Nkwazi vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2211
Power Dynamos vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2211
Forest Rangers vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2211
Tunisia vs ZambiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/225
Mauritania vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Lumwana Radiants vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2211
Mufulira Wanderers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2211
Green Eagles vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2211
MUZA vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2211
Trident vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2211
Livingstone Pirates vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2211
Nchanga Rangers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2211
Jumulo vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2211
Quattro Kalumbila vs GomesNational League2021/2211
KYSA vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2211
Red Arrows vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/22-
Equatorial Guinea vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Zambia vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/224
Kafue Celtic vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2211
Zanaco vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2210
Indeni vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2210
Nkana vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2210
Chambishi vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2210
Red Arrows vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2210
Young Green Eagles vs JumuloNational League2021/2210
Zesco United vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2210
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2210
City Of Lusaka vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2210
Kitwe United vs KYSANational League2021/2210
Police College vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2210
NAPSA Stars vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2210
Malaiti Rangers vs MUZANational League2021/2210
Luapula Green Eagles vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2210
Gomes v Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2210
Nkwazi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2210
Kabwe Warriors vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2210
Red Arrows vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/228
Zanaco vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/228
Quattro Kalumbila vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/222
Quattro Kalumbila vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/229
Prison Leopards vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/229
Jumulo vs Police CollegeNational League2021/229
Nchanga Rangers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/229
MUZA vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/229
Green Eagles vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/229
Young Green Buffaloes vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/229
Green Buffaloes vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/229
Forest Rangers vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/229
Konkola Blades vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/229
Trident vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/229
Kafue Celtic vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/229
Livingstone Pirates vs GomesNational League2021/229
KYSA vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/229
Power Dynamos vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/229
Lumwana Radiants vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/229
Buildcon vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/229
Lusaka Dynamos vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/229
Forest Rangers vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/227
Prison Leopards vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/227
Red Arrows vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/222
Indeni vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/228
City Of Lusaka vs MUZA National League2021/228
Zesco United vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/228
NAPSA Stars vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/228
Kitwe United vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/228
Young Green Eagles vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/228
Kabwe Warriors vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/228
Chambishi vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/228
Lumwana Radiants vs TridentNational League2021/228
Mufulira Wanderers vs JumuloNational League2021/228
Lusaka Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/228
Malaiti Rangers vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/228
Kansanshi Dynamos vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/228
Nkwazi vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/228
Gomes vs KYSANational League2021/228
Police College vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/228
Zesco United vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/226
Power Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/227
MUZA vs GomesNational League2021/227
Nkana vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/227
Quattro Kalumbila vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/227
Kafue Celtic vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/227
Luapula Green Eagles vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/227
Nchanga Rangers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/227
Konkola Blades vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/227
Young Green Buffaloes vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/227
Green Eagles vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/227
Buildcon vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/227
Trident vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/227
Jumulo vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/227
KYSA vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/227
Livingstone Pirates vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/227
Green Buffaloes vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/227
Mauritania vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Zambia vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Tunisia vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Equatorial Guinea vs ZambiaGroup C2021/223
Mufulira Wanderers vs TridentNational League2021/2210
Trident vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/22-
Kabwe Warriors vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/222
Indeni vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/221
Zambia vs NamibiaCosafa Womens2021/222
Gomes vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/226
Red Arrows vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/226
Lusaka Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/226
Eswatini vs UgandaCosafa Womens2021/222
Chambishi vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/226
Kabwe Warriors vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/226
Lumwana Radiants vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/226
NAPSA Stars vs MUZANational League2021/226
Indeni vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/226
Mufulira Wanderers vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/226
Kitwe United vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/226
Power Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/226
Police College vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/226
City Of Lusaka vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/226
Jumulo vs TridentNational League2021/226
Young Green Eagles vs KYSANational League2021/226
Zanaco vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/226
Nkwazi vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/226
Zambia vs EswatiniCosafa Womens2021/221
Namibia Women's Team vs Uganda Women's TeamCosafa Womens2021/221
Green Buffaloes vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/225
Green Eagles vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/225
Prison Leopards vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/225
Konkola Blades vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/225
Livingstone Pirates vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/225
Kafue Celtic vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/225
Nkana vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/225
Nchanga Rangers vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/225
KYSA vs Police CollegeNational League2021/225
Forest Rangers vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/225
MUZA vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/225
Malaiti Rangers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/225
Quattro Kalumbila vs JumuloNational League2021/225
Luapula Green Eagles vs GomesNational League2021/225
Young Green Buffaloes vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/225
Buildcon vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/225
Kansanshi Dynamos vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/225
Zanaco vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/222
Police College vs MUZANational League2021/224
Mufulira Wanderers vs KYSANational League2021/224
Buildcon vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/224
Kabwe Warriors vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/224
Red Arrows vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/224
Jumulo vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/224
NAPSA Stars vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/224
Power Dynamos vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/224
Gomes vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/224
Quattro Kalumbila vs TridentNational League2021/224
Chambishi vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/224
Lusaka Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/224
Nkwazi vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/224
City Of Lusaka vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/224
Zanaco vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/224
Young Green Eagles vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/224
Lumwana Radiants vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/224
Indeni vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/224
Nkana vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/223
Green Eagles vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/223
KYSA vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/223
Green Buffaloes vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/223
Kitwe United vs GomesNational League2021/223
Trident vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/223
Kafue Celtic vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/223
Young Green Buffaloes vs Police CollegeNational League2021/223
Konkola Blades vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/223
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/223
MUZA vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/223
Livingstone Pirates vs JumuloNational League2021/223
Luapula Green Eagles vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/223
Prison Leopards vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/223
Malaiti Rangers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/223
Forest Rangers vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/223
Nchanga Rangers vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/223
Zesco United vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/223
Power Dynamos vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/222
Lumwana Radiants vs MUZANational League2021/222
Lusaka Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/222
Chambishi vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/222
Mufulira Wanderers vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/222
NAPSA Stars vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/222
Jumulo vs KYSANational League2021/222
Nkwazi vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/222
Young Green Eagles vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/222
Gomes vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/222
Forest Rangers vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/222
Police College vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/222
Nchanga Rangers vs TridentNational League2021/222
Buildcon vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/222
Nkana vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/221
City Of Lusaka vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/221
Malaiti Rangers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/221
KYSA vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/221
Luapula Green Eagles vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/221
Trident vs GomesNational League2021/221
Livingstone Pirates vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/221
Young Green Buffaloes vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/221
MUZA vs JumuloNational League2021/221
Green Eagles vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/221
Prison Leopards vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/221
Konkola Blades vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/221
Green Buffaloes vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/221
Kafue Celtic vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/221
Equatorial Guinea vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/222
Zambia vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa, Group B2021/222
Tunisia vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/221
Mauritania vs ZambiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa, Group B2021/221
Kafue Celtic vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2217

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