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Opinion: Go To Farming If You Cant Help Our Zambian Football Grow

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The out cry from some sectors of the Zambian football fraternity that FAZ must have rejected the idea of having our league played in the rainy season is the most senseless complaint ever.

The Guiness Book of world records must be checking on this country. Zambians keep on breaking records every day. Zambian football administration has been a jungle of incorrigible rascals through the lane of time and it’s time we got burnt by the fire we’ve been flirting with by tolerating the theft and looting.

To begin with, the idea never came from Andrew Kamanga. This was an instruction from FIFA to CAF and CAF to FAZ. It’s either FAZ abides or the logo that bears an eagle holding the ball logs out from all CAF and FIFA related activities. FAZ has no option here, they just had to abide.

Further the complaint that Zambia is not developed enough to host matches in the rainy season sound like one coming from a head that nests cobwebs not brain matter. It is not anyone at CAF or FIFA s fault that Zambia has failed to develop for 50 years.

FIFA gives every Association lots of money every year but that money only ends up in people’s pockets. If that money all of it has always been used for its intended purposes of football and infra development, Zambian football wouldn’t be this shameful 50 years down the line.

Let Us Develop Zambian Football

It’s high time as a country we started facing the consequences of self centered leaders and corruption may be if we keep watching football in the rains, in water logged pitches then there will be need to develop our infrastructure. For me this is a positive development.

If the administration under the Kenneth Kaunda era built Nkoloma in Chelstone, Sunset in Fairview, Arthur Davies in Kitwe, Ucar 107 in Kabwe, what have other administrations been doing to improve those structures, renovating and upgrading them?

Nothing! and we’v been okay with it. Well, now you will find a reason not to be okay with it because the ride in the 2019 season will be so muddy and bumpy.

50 plus years after Independence, these grounds would have been world class structures if people had continued improving them but where does the money go no matter how little? In their pockets.

You want those who started the idea of building Ucar 107 to come from the dead and give the ground a proper drainage? No, your excos have to do it or leave our football alone. Let them go to farming if they can’t help develop Zambian football.

Stop complaining. We shall be going to stadiums with Umbrellas and when it over rains, we abandon. If someone won’t see this as a problem and upgrade grounds, so be it! A time is coming when we shall take over FAZ by force.

Where did the money from winning the AFCON 2017 go if I may ask? How did it help develop Zambian football? Does anyone has a full financial report?

Shut up !

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