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Fashion Sakala and The Three Sven Must Use

Sven capture during a training session with Chipolopolo

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Its only a day in between before Heroes cooks on gas. A must win Afcon qualifier for Zambia as the CHIPOLOPOLO host a tricky Guinea side. The onus is all on Sven to play his cards well but the magic cards look hidden underneath the piles of easy selection. Here are the BULLETS Sven must not ignore.


Away from his self centered type of football which I’m sure he will now abort, there is something special about this boy which isnt so prominent in other players. It is his ability to be found with the ball in the right places. Each time Fashion Sakala is on the ball, it is always either in the perfect position to make an assist or it is in a perfect position to shoot and score.

Whether he works it out by himself to find himself in those delicious pastures he loves hunting from or his team mates create the spaces for him, It is one thing nobody can take away from Fashion, his movements on the ball are lethal and atomic.

He is such a terrorist each time he holds the ball in the flanks whether left or right. The moment he steps on his peddle and begins to accelerate, you not need to blink because he is such a flamboyant and pacy winger. He slides through his markers with so much easy only to be let down by his final touch which is ever annoyingly pathetic.

If Sven can talk to this boy properly, he can be the difference on Wednesday and in the fixtures going forward.
Whether he starts or comes in as a super sub, my conviction is so deep that Fashion will score on Wednesday. I strongly feel his time is finally here!


His ability to take on defenders and make in inroads through the tightest of defenses is undeniable. From the time Nkana’s resolute United NATIONS back four was introduced, BRUCE so far is the only player who was able to exploit them right left and center.

He was a kanker work that kept eating through the fabrics of the strongest defense in the league and kept exposing them like a stupidity of monkeys. Nkana’s defense is difficult to unlock but MUSAKANYA made them look average each time he was on the ball two weeks ago.

He is a banana skin going forward and his intelligence and passing prowess might be all the deadly Patson Daka will need to come to the party on Wednesday.

BRUCE started the match against Gabon and he was a marvel to watch. He combined well with Mwepu and was the masterminded of the goal Shonga scored. Picking it from deep in the midfield, he kept turning and twisting looking for space, when he spotted a killer spot, he gave Mwepu who released a Ninku to Shonga. He might not be a ninety minutes player but rating him by current form, he is a top secret room holding Vandenbroek’s air ticket to Cameroon.


ENOCK MWEPU is not only the network but the very Power cable behind the teams efficiency. The boy has some magic feet and the earlier Sven believes this , the better. The Stella touches his educated feet work out are not a fluke. No, I sometime back thought so but not now. The boy keeps doing the unthinkable on the ball over and over and he doesn’t just stop.

His confidence has been growing from one game to another. Trace him from the German match when he was injured through to the match against Cameroon and the match against Namibia.

Each time he is on the ball something special comes from his foot. Another mystery which many haven’t realized is that Zambia has never lost a match when Mwepu and Patson Daka are in the first line up. It is the same story at Salzburg. When the coach decided not to be playing the two in the champions league play offs, the team didnt make it.


The right back proved to be Svens’ weakest link in Namibia. SOLOMON Sakala steuggled to stop the quick and determined Namibians but the Guinea front line and wingers are even quicker. Sven doesnt need the expertise of Pep Guardiola for him to know that using SOLOMON Sakala as a right back will be Suicide. The only option he has that can contain the pressure is Mbola. The quicker the two make peace, the better

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