Top 10 Zambian Highest Paid Football Players Ever

Top 10 Zambian Highest Paid Football Players Ever

So much boastful talk about the K20,000 Tapson Kaseba has got from the 2019 COSAFA Cup. Zambian footballers have reaped huge from the sport but these legends have kept a humble and low profile. I am glad the noise is not coming from Kaseba who has decided to keep quiet over everything: That's wisdom and maturity. The boastful noise has been coming from his sympathizers who have been defending someone who doesn't even need their defence. Here are the highest paid Zambian players ever. Number one highest paid ever Zambian football player will certainly shock you. 1. JOSEPH MUSONDA - K780,000 At the bottom of the Zambian sons to have reaped handsomely in the field of football is Zambia's most capped



Something hasn't been cooking right with the King. Is Kalusha Bwalya really a problem that Zambia has to contend with? Yet he is a hero, superhuman, king, the untouchable, father of the Zambian game; Zambia's finest ever: mention any superfluous flirty name and it seems to be exactly who Kalusha Bwalya is to this country in football circles. Yes, he might be, he might not be according to the pare of lenses you are looking at him but why is Kalusha Bwalya ever at loggerheads with people. Is he just confused or people are jealous of him. Whatever the case, your answer doesn't concern me much but where ever he has been his career has been woven in Confused antagonism. Endless

Sven Vandenbroek Says He Resigned -Football Landscape Divided- The FA Lied That They Are Not Renewing his contract

Sven proves His Game Style

Coach Sven Vandenbroek says he resigned from been the Zambia national coach and that the association lied that they are not renewing his contract. He is heard from the interview conducted by Kennedy Gondwe saying that it was tough to work as the national coach seeing the landscape is divided and largely not parallel to the ambitions of the coach. "Its political, based on status, self protection and no one wants to take responsibility." Sven said in the interview conducted by Cardinal point Sven also stressed is the interference in football programs as many of his questions where not answered most likely because of job protection by the officials. Sven also further clarified his statement about national players not on proper

200,000 Per Month Can Zesco Sign Back Kalaba

Can Zesco Sign Back Kalaba

Overwhelming evidence in football has it that winning major trophies calls for tested legs. Talented legs are always vital nectar in any bid for trophies like the Champions league but to drill through the honey comb and test the dripping glory, teams need tried and tested legs. It is the reason Juventus had to drop 100 million Euros on the table for the services of Christiano Ronaldo. This is a phenomenal Zambian teams like Zesco United have not deciphered in their quest to win the African Champions league. If there is a right time for Rainford Kalaba to come back home, it is now when there is still some football in his magical legs. It will be pointless to bring him when he will

Gossip Buildcon: Poor Munthali and 4 Others Released Due To Performance Issues

Buildcon released Munthali

According to today's Zambia Daily Mail Buildcon released Munthali and 4 others due to poor performance. Christopher Munthali joined the big-spenders Ndola based side Buildcon from Kitwe giants Nkana during the July transfer window of 2017. According to Buildcon insiders, Buildcon released Munthali alongside former Lusaka Dynamos midfielder Potiphar Zulu and a trio from Zimbabwe. Munthali was one of the first notable Zambian players to make a switch to the ambitious side at the time Buildcon had over 20 foreign players in their ranks. The Zimbabwean trio let loose are a defender Patson Jaure and two Midfielders Nqobizita Masuku and Devon Chafa Beginning of the 2018 season Buildcon was struggling into relegation and saw the departure of the Italian Guglielmo Arena. But Buildcon have managed

Hot Gossip: Clatous Chama Chota Treks to Tanzania

Reports from Soka Africa says its a done deal for Clatous Chama Chota who has signed a two year deal with the Tanzanian side. There is a letter also circulating to be from Clatous Chama thankong Dynamos for his time at the club. Clatous Chama is said to have to Simba SC. The Simba Sports Club is a Tanzanian football club based in Msimbazi Street, Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam But so much talk surrounds Chotas decision to move to the Tanzanian champions. Chief among them is the surprise move and that Tanzania football is lesser to the Zambia super league. Also comment about his transfer fee. Lusaka Dynamos his parent club still holds the ITC International Transfer Certificate. Clatous Chama Farewell Letter Today i would love