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Green Eagles vs Kansanshi Dynamos Live Streaming

Full-Time Scores: Green Eagles won the match with a score of 3-1 against Kansanshi Dynamos. Lewis Macha scored two goals in the 2nd and 23rd minutes, while Gift Mwansa scored in the 18th minute for Green Eagles. Kansanshi Dynamos got their only goal in the 71st minute through Yanganile Tembo.

Half Time was locked with Green Eagles in the 3 to nill affair followed by the second half that felt like a battle of up and down as Green Eagles aimed for a solid fate. However, Kansanshi Dynamos began to push.

23″ It looks like Green Eagles have taken control of the match and extended their lead over Kansanshi Dynamos with a third goal at the 23rd minute of the game. With the scoreline now at 3-0, Green Eagles have established a comfortable lead and Kansanshi Dynamos face an uphill battle to come back and win the match.

Gift Mwansa and Lewis Macha have both been instrumental in Green Eagles’ success so far, scoring two goals each for the home side. Kansanshi Dynamos will need to regroup and come up with a new game plan if they hope to get back into the match and mount a comeback.

The next few minutes will be crucial for both teams, and the outcome of the match could hinge on the next goal.

19″ At the 19th minute of the game, Green Eagles have doubled their lead over Kansanshi Dynamos with a goal from Gift Mwansa. The score now stands at 2-0 in favor of the Green Eagles, putting pressure on Kansanshi Dynamos to mount a comeback.

Mwansa’s goal has given Green Eagles a two-goal cushion and has deflated Kansanshi Dynamos, who now face the tough task of overturning the deficit. With the scoreline in Green Eagles’ favor, the match has taken a different complexion, with Kansanshi Dynamos now needing to score two goals to level the game.

However, with Lewis Macha continuing to play well, and Gift Mwansa’s goal, the home side will be full of confidence as they look to maintain their lead. This match is far from over, and the next goal could be the game-changer.

12″ It appears that Green Eagles and Kansanshi Dynamos are currently in the midst of a close and intense match, with Green Eagles holding a 1-0 lead over Kansanshi Dynamos at the 12th minute of play. Lewis Macha has scored the only goal of the match so far, giving Green Eagles a narrow advantage over their opponents.

The game is being played at a high tempo and both teams are looking to take control of the match. With a close scoreline, it’s anyone’s game and the next goal will be crucial in determining the outcome of the match. The tension is palpable among the fans and players alike, as they eagerly await the next action on the field. The next few minutes promise to be full of excitement as both teams aim to come out on top.

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