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Andrew Kamanga as FAZ boss has been marred by mismanagement

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I did record the program as I carried it live on my Facebook feed and below is what I made of the interview:

The President is very disappointed with the failure of the national team to qualify to the the 2019 AFCON and clearly states the two pillars of running a national team fulfilled their pledge. The Administration and the fans but the third which is the technical team and players did not do their part .

Looking ahead, FAZ banking on the under 23 team to qualify the nation to the Olympics and hoping for a strong national team in 2021 with the same under 23.

Optimistic that the future is bright and they are planning beyond their tenure

Acquisition of the coach was touched and according to Andrew Kamanga, Sven was not even the first choice for FAZ but third or fourth as the first two choices demanded 100,000 USD which Government were not in the position to part away with . Hence going for Sven.

Not clear if Sven will be shown the door but he clearly states his mandate was to take the team to AFCON and now that it has not been done, there is need to review that route

Janny Sikazwe accepted the role of Technical Director but he has not come back after a national outcry, they suppose but the direction of FAZ is that they will get a Technical Director with the help of FIFA who will be helped by a local person

FAZ President calls on the fans to help bring in a high grade coach by buying replica KOPA

Football standards are not dwindling and indications of the strong super league is testament enough that we are in the right direction though the influx of foreign players should be looked into.

Excited of the sponsorship deal of Division one football and currently negotiating with Broadcast partner and another sponsorship offer on the table to be done the soonest

The participation of the four teams in the CAF games another indication that Zambian football clubs do better and wishes the four teams all the best to still maintain the four slots and possibly add two more.

All provinces now have FAZ offices with an administrator and registrar.

Women National Team are not owed and he cleared that when the national team qualifies, the Government takes charge of their allowances

FAZ owes Kasengele the former GS and the reason Bailiffs visited Football House. FAZ still looking into ways of negotiating that debt as there is no contract to refer to as Kasengele also failed to produce his copy

Same people that refused AK to appoint Simataa as G.S now sitting with him to try and plot their way into football house

FAZ still remains open for all that have ideas on how football can be improved at a levels. He states that he is available on appointment or phone calls.

There you go, Your thoughts

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