FAZ EDEN University National League week 9 results

MTN FAZ football 2019

FAZ EDEN University National League Week 9 results of games played yesterday Wednesday 30th October 2019. Only two games were postponed involving Gomes, Zesco Malaiti, Indeni and Sinazongwe. Chindwin Sentries 1-1 Kitwe United Zambeef 1-1 Chambishi Prison leopards 1-1 Mumbwa Medics Kafue Celtic 1-1 Young Green Eagles Zesco Shockers 1-1 Fc Muza Police college 1-2 Mpulungu Harbour National Assembly 2-1 Nchanga Rangers Postponed Games Indeni vs Sinazongwe United Gomes Fc vs Zesco Malaiti Rangers

Weekend Recap: First national league week 3 results

First National League

First national league week 3 results played on 21st and 22nd September 2019. Only one game was postponed involving Sinazongwe United and Circuit City. National league Full-time results Zesco Malaiti 1-2 Chambishi Kafue Celtic 2-1 Mpulungu Harbour Young Green Eagles 1-1 Muza FC Gomes 0-2 Kitwe United Indeni 4-0 Mumbwa Medics Police College 1-2 Prison Leopards National Assembly 0-2 Chindwin Sentries Sinazongwe United vs Circuit City (postponed) Zambeef 0-0 Zesco Shockers

2019/20 National League Teams

2019/20 National League will mark as the new Zambian football season following the European football calendar. Previously the season was based on a January to December. National League will comprise of 18 teams competing for promotion to the MTN FAZ Super division the Zambian Premier League The Zambia super league season 2019/20 also known as MTN FAZ Super League will also be the first to initiate from the January - December calendar based to August-May. National League teams participating in the 2019/20 season Circuit City - LusakaPrison Leopards - KabweKitwe United - KitweMUZA - MazabukaPolice College - LusakaKafue Celtic - LusakaMalaiti Rangers - LusakaIndeni - NdolaChambishi - KalulushiGomes - NdolaZambeef - Chisamba(Chibombo)Chindwin Sentries - KabweMpulungu Harbour - MpulunguZesco Shockers - MonguMumbwa Medics