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Ndio Ni Mkubwa – Cletus Chama Chota is Big Boss

Ndio ni mkubwa Cletus Chama Chota is big boss coming from the neighboring Zimbabwe.

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Yes, that’s the clear and loudest message ‘ndio ni mkubwa’, Cletus Chama Chota is a big boss coming from neighboring Zimbabwe.


Seven goals and nine assists in 13 matches! Cletus Chama’s rise to stardom seems not to find a home and the maestral keeps getting bigger and better.

He looks like a boy who has fully brewed into a world-class central attacking midfielder; a rare born right-left central attacking playmaker with a rare touch of Intelligence and shin twisting passing.

And his goal for Simba in Zimbabwe left the home fans clenched to the edges of their seats in awesome wonder.

Cletus Chama has this year played some champaign football and by far the best number 8 this country has. We can talk of Kalaba at his prime but the master’s days look way behind us.

Isaac Chansa was once that good but he never had the killer instincts in the rock of Lusaka’s nimble feet. Chisamba Lungu? Partially close but Cletus has over the years looked more stable and consistent with what he does on the ball.

Watching this Young Maestral for Simba this season has left the world craving for more and more of him on the ball. His holding, movements, passing, and support have been mind-blowing.

He is playing some lovely football of therapeutic intrigue.

Cletus Chama moves the ball remarkably quickly and he is enjoying moving in triangles more regularly seen in Catalonia and Bavaria than anywhere else on this continent. Could this be the reason Kaiser chiefs are ready to break their bank for his signature?

Yes, you might say the Tanzanian league is small but football is the same everywhere. It’s round and features the same number of players with the same rules and basics. If you can express yourself in Tanzania then you can do the same anywhere in the world and Cletus Chama is big. Niyo ni mkumbwa.

Eyebrows of debate can be raised on his quality and prowess but Tanzanian teams will never forget soon the nightmare of Cletus on the ball. He has been a ghost, they have kicked and chased and kept kicking the air but never anywhere close to the ball on his feet. He is a rare talent with his own genre of football.

Kaiser Chiefs has come calling but the PSL side will have to stretch beyond breaking if Simba SC is to release him.

Elsewhere in Africa, Emmanuel Mayuka strikes in the 74th minute to level for Napsa and that goal was enough to send the Zambians to the next round.

In Angola, Nkana succumbed to a one-nil loss to Atletico de Agusto, and the Kitwe giants bow to drop into the Confed playoffs.

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