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New killer on the block – Blades chop Forest Rangers

Forest Rangers vs Konkola Blades

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Forest Rangers vs Konkola Blades is part of the 2021 ABSA Cup Zambia tournament.


With the relentless pace, razor-sharp cutting edge passing, flamboyance, and self-belief, Konkola blades glided past Forest Rangers with a one-nil victory sailing to the semi-finals of the 2021 ABSA cup and this is why everyone needs to sit and take the frogs seriously.

They knock, chop, and digest the ball with such annoying yet impeccable greedy growing frustration in their opponents as the second’s tick and Forest Rangers had their bitter dose of this prescription when Emmanuel Mwaba’s 70th-minute poker crashed their hopes of ABSA glory and Blades moved on.

The victory was slender but this is a team that has more reasons than one to believe they can go all the way to their hands on the trophy.

They have the fight, the drive, the tenacity, and wings enough to reach for the stars. Their team is balanced with the center pivot all concrete yet versatile.

Blades has been a team of inexperienced boys but what they lack inexperienced, they have been making up for in champion hearts.

With or without the ball as they demonstrated against Nchanga Rangers, they play with such pace, quality, and accuracy of Limb twitching order.

Bwezani Mbewe coined them a team that can score goals and Forest Rangers lost the quarter-final tie when they ignored this timely warning.

When Forest thought they will get tired and loosen up, Konkola blades kept the press and packed their opponents like logs of Mukula in a Tipa in such unspeakable distress then pulled the sword killed without blinking.

No one of their own is ever on their own. Whether in defence, in closing up space in midfield, or in the attack. How they work hard for each other and keep their shape even at the most extreme of pressure is breathtaking and this is a scene that must send cold shivers in the spine of their next prey.

In another ABSA quarter-final played at Woodlands. Zesco united beat Kansanshi Dynamos on post-match penalties to match on to the semis.

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