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Nkana Walks On League Leader Zanaco

A small disturbance during the Nkana and Zanaco tensioned game

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There was a thrilling 90 minutes at Nkana stadium as Nkana walked on the league leader Zanaco. With six tiptop goals and wildly animated terraces in the Zambia super league, week 24 saw a shocking results for the bankers.

Like a hot knife through butter, Nkana took a walk with a slug of 4:2 victory against the league leader Zanaco.

A lively afternoon started with an opener from the Wadi Degla S.C. loan-acquired ‘Sate Sate’ Ronald Kampamba who put the hosts ahead within 20 minutes of the match; a superb header from the home crowd’s darling lad. Joseph Musonda took a freekick which he looped over to the far post finding Kampamba’s head. The game immediately tensed up with brilliant plays from both sides.

Nkana added a second one 10 minutes before the half hour mark with Soutra Tshimenga making the assist and Walter Bwalya registering his first goal. Fashion Sakala every now and then would burst like a catapulted stone on their left flank hoping to catch the Nkana defence unawares with Charles Zulu doing similarly on the opposite flank.


Flanking and persistence from the visitors soon paid off.. A couple of minutes before the referee showed directives for the half time, Roderick Kabwe fired a vicious one and the deficit was reduced. Simon Bwalya restored a two-goal advantage for the home team almost instantly. It was 3-1 at halftime.

No sooner had the second half commenced than Zanaco started fighting for a goal. A much unusually fluid Nkana with chases of intelligence from Joseph Musonda, Fidel Bosidja, Jacob Ngulube and Simon Bwalya counteracted Zanaco’s midfield pack of Richard Kasonde, Isaac Chansa, Rodrick Kabwe and Charles Zulu. However, Isaac would largely impose himself and it

Naturally, Nkana with Fidel ensured a collection and clearance of all loose balls. Zanaco had no show as the aerial balls where calmed down. And Nkana’s superb enforcement begun from the mid shaped into the Zanaco’s own front. The traditional Zanaco’s play of flirting with the wings couldn’t help.

Second half showed further competence and skill from a Isaac Chansa choice of play in the area. And Scott Ngokene Nkana goalkeeper was no much. And now Zanaco called it closer to the Nkana scoreline and the thrill with anxiety ripped across the stadium.

It was 3:2 deep into the second half and play was still on until Nkana’s own and the super league top scorer made a fourth goal sealing the the fate of the league leader. Walter Bwalya went on to win player of the match with a brace on his foot.

Nkana’s victory has made sure the league leader Zanaco drop points with Nkana following behind with just 5 points short off.


ClubPenalties1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome


DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
August 27, 201615:00Zambia Super League201690'


#10Walter Bwalya Forward
#9Ronald Kampamba Forward
1Scott Aime Ngokene Goalkeeper
4Joseph Musonda Defender
5Given Sinyangwe Defender
6Donashano Malama Midfielder
14Simon Bwalya Forward
Bornwell Mwape Forward
13Bosandja Fidel Midfielder
17Jacob Ngulube Midfielder
20Freddy Soutra Tshimenga Forward
33Dieugo Apenene Defender


#6Salulani PHIRI Defender
#13Rodrick Kabwe Midfielder
#8Isaac Chansa Midfielder
#30Fashion Sakala Forward
#11Saith Sakala Forward
7George Chilufya Defender
9Charles Zulu Midfielder
14Richard Kasonde Midfielder
19Gift Sakuwaha Defender
26Fackson Kapumbu Defender
31Toaster Nsabata Goalkeeper

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