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Nkwazi Head Coach Elijah Chikwanda Fired

Elijah Chikwanda

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Nkwazi football club Head Coach Elijah Chikwanda has been fired from the club. News sources indicate that the High Flying club relieved Mr Chikwanda’s duties because he failed to meet the contractual agreement.


Chikwanda was give the task to keep Nkwazi in the MTN FAZ elite league beginning 2015. At the end of 2014 the team had just bounced from the lower league. Its not yet clearly stated on the other contractual agreements Cghikwanda entered that he failed to fulfil leading to the termination.


Among other recent events under Elijah Chikwanda was the fight to reach the Barclays Cup Final against Green Buffaloes. Also Chikwanda was called to assist with the Zambia National football team. However Chikwanda has left Nkwazi statistically not impressive;


 22 games played in the 2016 season with only 6 wins 9 draws and 7 losses.


The High Flying Nkwazi is struggling in the Zambia super league table. They keep loitering around the 8th position.  Another weakness of Chikwanda included Sakulanda Yolan transfer. Yolan was brought from Police Blue Eagles a divisional two Copperbelt player to play into the super league.


And beginning yesterday the coaching task was handed over to Albert Mpande with Kenneth Malitoli as the assistant.

“Nkwazi name Albert Mphande as Head Coach and Kenneth Malitoli as the New Assistant.” Nkwazi said on their official page https://www.facebook.com/nkwazifc




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