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Zambian Football Politics: Two years ago we had a national team that inspired confidence and could take on the likes of Brazil, Norway, Japan,Chile and other football giants. Now we have no national team worth the Chipolopolo name- only a motley of rookies who huff and puff down the pitch with no purpose.

Two years ago we were recognized as a Nike kitted nation. Now it ‘changanya’ of Kappa, Kopa and anything in between. A few years back Renard coached us with ambition, passion, focus which resulted in glory for the nation. Now we have a substandard coach whose strength lies in the mouth and making silly runs down the touch line whenever we score in meaningless matches.


Two years ago a global icon managed our FA with glamour, easy and purpose. Presently we have a Shylock, a mascaraed! Lending money to our FA and getting it back in mafia style. Trotting the globe in search of selfies with the stars of football.

Two years ago we had a robust secretariat managed by real professionals with well motivated staff. At present lazy bums and G12 dropouts pose as our secretariat managers with a PR department fit to only manage a tart publication.

Two years ago my FA could well meet it’s financial obligations without much ado. Now our books are in red in excess of K15 million. Bailiffs frequent Football House to haul whatever they can out of the building.
Two years ago we could qualify for AFCON with much easy and it was considered our birth right to do so. Now we can only send Janny Sikazwe.


Those who say our Football is on a rise and is soaring high tell me where the progress is! If you take over something you will have made progress if you maintain the standards or improve them. I lament for my football!

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