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Prosper Chilufya vs Zakaria Chilongoshi; who is who?

Prosper Chilufya vs Zakaria Chilongoshi

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Beston CHAMBESHI named his local-based under 23 squad and eye brows of mixed feelings have been raised on the dropping of Zakaria Chilongoshi at the expense of Prosper Chiluya both of Kabwe Warriors.

Chilongoshi plays more often than Chiluya at Kabwe Warriors and everyone wonders how he is dropped while Chiluya who is not the coaches favourite at warriors has been picked.

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Chilongoshi or Chiluya where did CHAMBESHI go wrong?

Consistency, focus and a defined tactical approach towards the game is everything descriptive about a team destined for success. Success especially at the world stage like the Olympics.

Looking at the growth and success of the under 23 team under Beston CHAMBESHI from their participation and consequent triumph at the Under 17 COSAFA championships in 2016, through to the Under 20 AFCON and the world cup, CHAMBESHI is right to pick Prosper Chiluya over Chilongoshi. and this is why.

Every coach has a philosophy and the type of football he wants to ingest in his players.

It is for this reason that coaches pick players whose type of lay fit in their philosophies not necessarily who runs faster than the other or who has more game time than the other at a certain club under the same coach. This is the case of Prosper Chilufya vs Zakaria Chilongoshi.

Chilongoshi might have more game time than Chiluya but Chiluya is better placed to go to Egypt than Chilongoshi because Chiluya has been under the tutelage of CHAMBESHI for so long. He understands the philosophy of CHAMBESHI better than Chilongoshi whose inclusion might just be a breeding ground for confusion and loss of team focus and purpose.

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Secondly, the dropping of Chilongoshi would have been a serious bone of contention if the argument was that he is a better player than Chiluya.

Unfortunately, the argument holds no water because it is based on who has more game time than the other, not performance. Coaches use players for different reasons, we don’t know the reason the Warriors coach picks Chilongoshi ahead of Chiluya.

There is absolutely no concrete hypothesis to prove that Chilongoshi is better. There is no concrete evidence that shows that Chilongoshi starts the head of Chiluya because Chilongoshi is a more formidable player. Till one proves that Chilongoshi is better than Chiluya that’s why he starts ahead of the former at Warriors, CHAMBESHI is right to pick Chiluya ahead of Chilongoshi.

Lastly, this dust would have been necessary if Chilongoshi plays consistently for a competitive team like Zesco United: Current defending Champions , league leaders and in the Champions League group stages not Kabwe Warriors a team in the middle of the table and has nothing to proves that their players are the best in the league.

Any player can be in the starting line up at warriors. Thus, being in the starting line up at Kabwe Warriors must not guarantee one a place in any National team.

If Chilongoshi was an extreme talent which is not the case, Zambians could question CHAMBESHI. For now, Chiluyas experience at the international level and in the under 23 team pushed him ahead of Chilongoshi and there is nothing special in Chilongoshi to challenge Chiluyas prowess.

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