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Round 3 and 4 Of 2019 Cameroon Afcon Qualifiers Fixtures

Afcon qualifiers fixtures Zambia

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The 2019 Cameroon Africa Cup Of Nations Qualifiers is here this week beginning Wednesday for round three and later into the weekend round 4.  The senior Chipolopolo Zambia men’s team matches up with Guinea Bissau at National Heroes Stadium Wednesday 10th October.

2019 Afcon Qualifiers Round 3 Fixtures 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

15:00 Ethiopia Vs Kenya

17:30 Zambia Vs Guinea Bissau

Thursday, 11 October 2018
16:30 Congo Vs Liberia

18:00 Ghana Vs Sierra Leone

Friday, 12 October 2018
16:30 Cameroon Vs Malawi

17:00 Angola Vs Mauritania

17:00 Gabon Vs South Sudan

18:30 Guinea Vs Rwanda

18:30 Nigeria Vs Libya

19:00 Cape Verde Vs Tanzania

19:00 Egypt Vs Eswatini

19:00 Ivory Coast Vs Central Africa

20:00 Togo Vs Gambia

21:00 Mali Vs Burundi

21:45 Algeria Vs Benin

Saturday, 13 October 2019
At 15:00hrs South Africa Vs Seychelles and Uganda Vs Lesotho

17:00 Equatorial Guinea Vs Madagascar and Mozambique Vs Namibia

And later at 19:30 D.R. Congo Vs Zimbabwe with 20:00hrs Burkina Faso Vs Botswana

20:00 Morocco Vs Comoros

20:15 Tunisia Vs Niger

21:00 Senegal Vs Sudan


2019 Afcon Qualifiers Round 4 Fixtures

Sunday, 14 October 2018
13:30 Madagascar Vs Equatorial Guinea

18:00 Guinea Bissau Vs Zambia

18:00 Kenya Vs Ethiopia

Monday, 15 October 2018
17:00 Sierra Leone Vs Ghana

20:00 Libya Vs Nigeria

Tuesday, 16 October 2018
14:00 Comoros Vs Morocco

14:30 Malawi Vs Cameroon

15:00 Burundi Vs Mali

15:00 Eswatini Vs Egypt

15:00 South Sudan Vs Gabon

15:30 Rwanda Vs Guinea

15:30 Seychelles Vs South Africa

16:00 Central Africa Vs Ivory Coast

16:00 Tanzania Vs Cape Verde

17:00 Benin Vs Algeria

17:00 Niger Vs Tunisia

18:00 Lesotho Vs Uganda

18:30 Gambia Vs Togo

19:00 Botswana Vs Burkina Faso

19:00 Mauritania Vs Angola

19:00 Namibia Vs Mozambique

19:00 Zimbabwe Vs D.R. Congo

19:30 Sudan Vs Senegal

20:00 Liberia Vs Congo

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