Great football stadiums and grounds on Copperbelt

A list of football stadiums and grounds on Copperbelt is quite inclusive with the national stadium Levy Mwanawasa in Ndola as the center. Saving memory lane straight, Ndola also once held the famous Dag Hammsjoeld Stadium were the legendarium Kafwanayo was born. Here is the list of some known football stadiums and grounds on the Copperbelt Kitwe Stadiums Arthur Davies Stadium - Kitwe Other notable stadiums in Zambia include Arthur Davies in the Ndeke area owned by Power Dynamos football club with a capacity of about 15,000 fans. It was built in the 1970s by Arthur Davies an engineer working for CPC now CEC. Nkana Stadium -Kitwe Just across the main road, the Ndola duo carriageway is the home of the 12 times league holders

Woodlands Stadium Lusaka

Woodlands stadium Lusaka is located in Woodlands Lusaka province and is home to City Of Lusaka football club. The stadium was recently renovated and briefly called Vodafone Stadium during the 2018 season. The stadium is used for football and other activities like musical concerts, and public ceremonies. The capacity of Woodlands stadium is 10,000 seated people.


There has been calls for Zambia to host the Afcon after Cameroon was stripped off the rights to host the 2019 edition but can Zambia host the AFCON? Here is the answer you need. Zambia is not anywhere ready to stage Africa's biggest show piece but the possibility so light is there. Previously a country only needed four stadiums to host the Afcon but a country will now need eight, the very reason Cameroon has failed. Coming back to statistics, CAF only recognises venues which have the minimum capacity of 25,000 to host an AFCON match. There are only three stadiums that have that capacity in Zambia. The rest are grounds. Before i come to that, the biggest stadium in Africa is the

Stadiums in Zambia Nkana Stadium

Zambian stadiums Nkana stadium

Stadiums in Zambia Nkana Stadium. Nkana Stadium also known as Ichilata is located in Wusakile part of Kitwe near the infamousĀ Black Mountain just off the Ndola duo carriage way. Ichilata is the home of Nkana Football Club. The Stadium is often referred to as Ichilata because of the roofing sheets used to build the stadium perimeter. It has the capacity of 10,000 seating fans. Though the capacity has increased as the recent renovations saw two more rows added to the current rows. The stadium has hosted thousand of home games played since its construction. In the 1990's the stadium was also used for various inter school sports competitions. Nkana stadium was first used in 1953 on a colorful occasion that marked the British