FIFA Advised Kashala Not To Be Trivia, Fail To Rule In Favour Of Kamanga

FIFA Advised Kashala And Football Association Of Zambia On Caf Executive Elections

FIFA advised Kashala and the National Association about the eligibility of Mr. Kalusha Bwalya to contest for the CAF Membership. FIFA plainly stated that the information provided by FAZ was of a general nature only and related "to an internal matter that does not come under the remit of FIFA". This was in a reply to a letter dated 29th May 2019 Caf Executive Committee Elections which Mr. Adrian Kashala sent to FIFA recommending only Mr. Andrew Kamanga as the only nominee from Zambia for the CAF executive membership. The letter highlighted that Mr. Bwalya had failed to fill in the Integrity Test Questionnaire which the earlier had. This led to the refusal to recognize and nominate Mr. Bwalya for the


GOVERNMENT SUPPORT for FAZ include the President who is the association Patron

The dust has settled, streets though bloody are now empty and quiet, the long battle of giants is over as Kamanga has trodden on the great Kalusha Bwalya. Great Kalu Thrown Alas The FAZ boss now majestically walks into the corridors of CAF in search of the keys to Kalusha Bwalya's office. Has he bitten more than he can chew? For Kalusha Bwalya the battle might be lost and over but it is just the beginning for Kamanga who must now fight his next battle actually on two fronts. One CAF Politics Firstly, he has left more enemies than friends in his homeland as he seeks greener pastures across Africa. Kalusha Bwalya is an ally of the government and beloved of the presidency.

Great Kalu Thrown Away As FAZ Adopts Kamanga

Great Kalu CAF Committee bid thrown away as he failed to attend the ethics committee obliging

The debate over Andrew Kamanga and Kalusha Bwalya adoption to the CAF committee has come to an end today when the FAZ Ethics committee threw away Kalu's bid and instead adopts Kamanga. Kalu's application was thrown away because he failed to attend the Ethics Committee meeting. This is according to the Press Statement issued by FAZ at their social media platform. Press Statement(For Immediate Release)Football Association of ZambiaFootball House, Lusaka29th May, 2019FAZ ETHICS COMMITTEE OKAYS KAMANGA CAF BID, BWALYA SHUNS HEARINGFollowing a request by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Executive Committee to the Ethics Committee to subject the two aspiring candidates for the CAF Executive Committee position, the committee has recommended that Mr. Andrew Kamanga be processed for the candidature



Something hasn't been cooking right with the King. Is Kalusha Bwalya really a problem that Zambia has to contend with? Yet he is a hero, superhuman, king, the untouchable, father of the Zambian game; Zambia's finest ever: mention any superfluous flirty name and it seems to be exactly who Kalusha Bwalya is to this country in football circles. Yes, he might be, he might not be according to the pare of lenses you are looking at him but why is Kalusha Bwalya ever at loggerheads with people. Is he just confused or people are jealous of him. Whatever the case, your answer doesn't concern me much but where ever he has been his career has been woven in Confused antagonism. Endless

Despatches – Paul Chellah Has Died

Donashano Malama, Munthali and Tshimenga

  Paul Chellah was a Zambian forward footballer born on October 10th 1966 until his death on May 9th 2016. He retired from football in January 1998. Notable on his sports calendar was his wealthy time when he played at Mufulira Wanderers football club and with the Zambia National soccer team under late coach Zoom Ndhlovu. He featured in the FIFA World Cup qualifying when Zambia  under Team Manager George Mungwa encountered South Africa on 08 Jun 1997. Zambia lost 3 : 0 in full view of 70,000 fans at Soccer City in Johannesburg South Africa. Notable on that lineup was Kalusha Bwalya, (Denis Lota, Mordon Malitoli both received a yellow), Johnson Bwalya and Elijah Litana. Later in the second half Edward Kangwa  came in for Paul Chellah.  Paul Chellah from Mufulira Wanderers he moved on

What Led To Kalusha’s Fall

Kalusha Bwalya

A lot of Zambian people have been left surprised on how their much loved soccer icon and administrator, "Kalu" Kalusha Bwalya failed to win for the third time as Football Association of Zambia president. In football their is a saying alluding to sceneries where anything and everything is possible. It doesn't matter how good and strong your team may be, pride can always cost you a match day. Indomitable Kalu In Kalu`s mind (an accolade of football trophies), he thought his rival and challenger, Andrew Kamanga (the excelling business man with little whereabouts of his football history) was still sleeping and incapable of replacing him as FAZ President. Similarly a lot of Kalu lovers thought the same as well as most Zambians as