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The Most Ever Interesting Derby In Zambia – Nkana Vs Power Dynamos


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Nkana FC vs Power Dynamos also known as ‘Kopala Derby’ is always a centre-attraction for fans not only in Kitwe but around the FAZ MTN Super League. As the odds draw near with few hours remaining to game time for first ever 2015 derby, excited members watch Mayweather vs Pac with view to another turnaround…to the Kopala derby, the most ever interesting derby in Zambia – Nkana vs Power.

With the cat (Jimmy Ndhlovu deadly with goal openers) to seat in the terraces, how will Power Dynamos look to an opener. Will wounded Nkana take advantage and collapse this goal devouring Power Dynamos?

Competition: FAZ MTN Super Division 2015

Occasion: Match Day 7

Fixture: Nkana FC Vs Power Dynamos 

Venue: Nkana Stadium (also known as Ichilata or Scrivener)


A latest summed up tail of the two stories and their predicament | Sportlr

Statistical trend shows Power Dynamos to have an edge over Nkana Football Club as the graphs show below.

Power trends

Power Dynamos showing off with good stats. An upward trend of wins and devouring goals |By Sportlr


Nkana Football Club struggling with a drought of goals and wins, instead over populated with draws | By Sportlr


Floyed and the Funs

Despite been the most strutting derby – the essence of a fan still remains – A yellow Fan mingling with the aba red

A fan having fan in the downpour after the game was abandoned

A Nkana fan showing typical devotion against all odds.



Will Kanda finally leave up to “Kalubula” Sate Sate and liberate Nkana to 2014 season glory or he has yet miles to go?



  1. James kaumba

    May 3, 2015 at 12:36

    Yes the graph this shows Power Dynamos are seeing better, then we know because of that its not , not , not possible power to beat us today

  2. Funashi

    May 5, 2015 at 13:02

    Power Dynamos graph was showing better but i think they are ‘rando’m and is no material for CAF as Davies Kasengele earlier said.
    But this game was predictable. Where was a goal going to come from? Jimmy to deliver was absent. Alex who occasionally takes it personal is been away. Nkana also need to get around to a promising striker. They have been failing to get past 1 goal. Otherwise its congrats! Why should a big team be struggling?

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