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Why Sensational Zanaco is running away with the league

Sensational Zanaco on a runaway

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Why Sensational Zanaco is running away with the league may represent one of the best of the Zambia super league at week 14 capstone.

There have been demonstrations of masterclass executions at sunset stadium this season and after 14 matches, SENSATIONAL ZANACO looks like a real deal.


They have forced 25 goals 8 better than any other team in the league bit such a scoring prowess comes with a productive and potent creative midfield and they have everything in Abraham Siankombo.

The ZANACO midfield ace has been a joy to watch this season. Confident ambitious and remarkably balanced on the ball. His passing and ground coverage is absolutely destructive. He keeps running directly at his markers, poking holes in the tight spaces while creating pathways that have made SENSATIONAL ZANACO a terror to face this season.

Abraham Siankombo has been a complex of sweet flowing football of passing and attacking intrigue. His holding, movements, and passing have been sublime and he keeps getting better as the games come and he has every reason to believe he is going places.

When Chisamba Lungu left ZANACO, he was only sixteen but ZANACO had baked a potential AFCON golden medalist and he lived up to his billing.

From Chaswe Nsofwa, one of the country’s most potent and reliable center forwards to Fashion Sakala on the verge of clinching a deal with Scottish giants Rangers, there has always been something special cooking at Sunset and Siankombo looks like next in this blood line of football ingenious.

Salulani Phiri, Augustine Mulenga, Saith Sakala, all cooked from the magic Sunset pots. Now ZANACO sits at the helm of the league table after 14 matches in the 2021 season.

Sensational Zanaco have scored 24 goals and the boy behind this aggression is something special.

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