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Will Wanderers Move Closer To Clinching Super League Slot


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There is exactly 8 games to play getting into this weekend before we wrap up the season and this is the time we get to see some true colours of certain teams.

Konkola Blades have not performed as expected of the team from Super League while Indeni has done extremely well thus far. Kansanshi Dynamos is all smoke and mirrors.

But truth be told, Mufulira Wanderers and Indeni have been acts above the rest and can be termed as the real deal of Zone football. Wanderers are currently on top of the “world.” Indeni will be looking at any slip up for the team above them as long as they continue grinding their own results.

Mufulira Wanderers vs Ndola United

This weekend gives Mufulira Wanderers the opportunity to start counting how many more points they need to win promotion to the ‘promised land’. Out of the remaining 8 games, Wanderers need four wins and a draw to put Indeni out of the picture should they continue piling pressure on the most decorated team in Zambia in terms of silverware.

The Ndola United game is not an easy game for ‘Mighty’ as Ndola United look to have shook off their first round shocker and stand in much more respected position getting into week 23.

Dear Ndola United….this will not be like light at the end of the tunnel. It is the “Mufulira Wanderers Train loaded with heavy duty goods” coming right at you. Hope has slowly flickered away for Ndola United as they find themselves in the position that they are just fighting to improve their position, they can no longer win promotion to the super league with 23 points difference and only 18 points to play for.

They know they will survive and I don’t think there is any pressure on the coach and the
team now. Their only hope lies for season.

Mufulira Wanderers is a team that has found the kind of rhythm that builds champions in this league. A difficult team to beat defensively with a lot of attacking options in their line-up. The “Mufulira Wanderers Train” doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Wanderers has recorded three wins and two draws in the last five games and there are three other teams with the same record. That is Indeni, Kansanshi and Chambishi though Gomes has more (4). The Mufulira based team will be happy to be playing a ‘weaker’ side in Ndola United to add up another three points to their 51.

Could this be counted as three points before the game is played?

Most unlikely but you never know in this zone with a lot of surprises. Ndola United is certainly in a confused state but, at some point, they are going to come out of their self inflicted “soccer coma” and start playing good football.

Even though all pointers suggest a win for ‘Mighty’, let the game be played on the pitch and see what happens after 90 minutes.

Otherwise, that ‘long walk’ back to the Super League doesn’t look like it will take long for Ba Milambo this time around.

Kansanshi Dynamos vs Indeni

This is the game of the week pitting number 2 on the log against number 3. Mufulira Wanderers would wish this game to end in a draw to help them open the gap on the top but the home side most likely will take it knowing a win will put them on second. With both teams having recorded 3 wins and 2 draws in their last 5, this is expected to be a cracker of a game.

Chambeshi vs Mining Rangers

Chambeshi like Wanderers have what looks like an easy fixture. Should they win and the 2 teams above them draw, they will relish the chance of going second. It’s the game they can’t afford to draw or lose.

Konkola Blades vs Kashikishi Warriors

Konkola Blades are poised to welcome their fellow KCM sponsored side Nchanga Rangers in this Zone 2 league as they don’t seem to have hit top gear when they got relegated. They welcome Kashikishi Warriors, a team without a win in their last 5 games. It is definitely a win for the boarder town team which will pile the pressure on the 3 teams above them for the second position.

Other matches in Zone 2

Gomes vs FQMO Roads
Mufulira Blackpool vs Roan United
FQMO Mining Operation vs Trident


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