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Follow from Zedsoccer the superb and exciting Zambia super league fixtures and previews of the #MTNFAZ2018 Zambian Super league highlighting league giants of “Team Ya Ziko” Zesco United, “Aba Red” Nkana football club, the sensational Zanaco. Big spenders Lusaka Dynamos and Buildcon

2019-20 Zambia Super League Fixtures

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Green Buffaloes vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/2018
NAPSA Stars vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/2018
Power Dynamos vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/2014
Nkwazi vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/2011
Buildcon vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/2011
Forest Rangers vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/2011
Lumwana Radiants vs ZanacoZambia Super League2019/2010
Kabwe YSA vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/2011
Kabwe Warriors vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/2011
Nkana vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2019/2011
Green Eagles vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/209
Zanaco vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/2011
Zanaco vs Nakambala LeopardsZambia Super League2019/209
Green Eagles vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/2011
Nakambala Leopards vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/2011
Buildcon vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/20-
Nakambala Leopards vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/2013
Lumwana Radiants vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/2013
Nkana vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/2013
Kabwe Warriors vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/2013
Kabwe YSA vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/2013
Green Eagles vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/209
Power Dynamos vs Nakambala LeopardsZambia Super League2019/2012
Green Buffaloes vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2019/2012
Mufulira Wanderers vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2019/2012
Lusaka Dynamos vs Kabwe YSAZambia Super League2019/2012
Red Arrows vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/2012
Kansanshi Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2019/2012
NAPSA Stars vs ZanacoZambia Super League2019/2012
Zesco United vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/2012
Lumwana Radiants vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/2012
Zanaco vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/2013
Lusaka Dynamos vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/2010
Kabwe Warriors vs ZanacoZambia Super League2019/207
Green Eagles vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/20-
Zanaco vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/208
Mufulira Wanderers vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/208
NAPSA Stars vs Kabwe YSAZambia Super League2019/208
Power Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2019/208
Mufulira Wanderers vs Kabwe YSAZambia Super League2019/2010
Kansanshi Dynamos vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/2010
Green Buffaloes vs BuildconZambia Super League2019/2010
Power Dynamos vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2019/2010
Red Arrows vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2019/2010
NAPSA Stars vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2019/2010
Nakambala Leopards vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/2010
Zesco United vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/209
Nkana vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/209
Nkwazi vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/209
Kabwe YSA vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/209
Kabwe Warriors vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/209
Buildcon vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/209
Forest Rangers vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/209
Lumwana Radiants vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2019/208
Lusaka Dynamos vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/208
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2019/208
Nakambala Leopards vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2019/208
Green Buffaloes vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/208
Kabwe YSA vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/207
Nkwazi vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/207
Nkana vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/207
Buildcon vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/207
Zesco United vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/207
Red Arrows vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/207
Zanaco vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2019/206
NAPSA Stars vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/206
Green Buffaloes vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2019/206
Power Dynamos vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/206
Nakambala Leopards vs BuildconZambia Super League2019/206
Kabwe Warriors vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/206
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/206
Mufulira Wanderers vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/206
Lumwana Radiants vs KYSAZambia Super League2019/206
Green Eagles vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/204
Forest Rangers vs Nakambala LeopardsZambia Super League2019/207
Zesco United vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/205
Lusaka Dynamos vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/205
Nkwazi vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/205
Nkana vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/205
Kabwe YSA vs Nakambala LeopardsZambia Super League2019/205
Buildcon vs ZanacoZambia Super League2019/205
Red Arrows vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/205
Green Eagles vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/205
Forest Rangers vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2019/205
NAPSA Stars vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/204
Kabwe Warriors vs BuildconZambia Super League2019/204
Green Buffaloes vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/204
Forest Rangers vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/204
Mufulira Wanderers vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/204
Nakambala Leopards vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/204
Zanaco vs Kabwe YSAZambia Super League2019/204
Lusaka Dynamos vs NAPSA StarsZambia Super League2019/203
Nkana vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/203
Red Arrows vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2019/203
Nkwazi vs ZanacoZambia Super League2019/203
Green Eagles vs Nakambala LeopardsZambia Super League2019/203
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2019/203
Buildcon vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2019/203
Zesco United vs Lumwana RadiantsZambia Super League2019/203
Kabwe YSA vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2019/203
Nakambala Leopards vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2019/202
Kabwe Warriors vs NkwaziZambia Super League2019/202
Green Buffaloes vs Mufulira WanderersZambia Super League2019/202
NAPSA Stars vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2019/202
Lumwana Radiants vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2019/202
Buildcon vs NkanaZambia Super League2019/202
Power Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2019/202
Forest Rangers vs Kabwe YSAZambia Super League2019/202
Zanaco vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2019/202
Nkana Football Club vs Green Buffaloes Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Lusaka Dynamos Football Club vs Lumwana Radiants Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Kabwe Youth Soccer academy Football Club vs Buildcon Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Mufulira Wanderers Football Club vs Napsa Stars Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Nkwazi Football Club vs Forest Rangers Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Kansanshi Dynamos Football Club vs Power Dynamos Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Green Eagles Football Club vs Kabwe Warriors Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Zesco United Football Club vs Zanaco Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201
Red Arrows Football Club vs Nakambala Leopards Football ClubZambia Super League2019/201

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