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Zambia vs Algeria player ratings

Zambia vs Algeria player ratings

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Here is everything you need to know about Zambia vs Algeria player ratings for matchday 5 of 6 of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The most anticipated match of the year hitherto came and went. What Zambia feared the most happened but in the most melodramatic fashion as the two African football powerhouses put up a six-goal thriller that left Africa gasping for more.

Zambia lost but football is not always about winning, sometimes the lessons learned are of more significance than victory. Zambia has a coach and now a team that can secure an air ticket to Qatar.

Here is how the boys faired on a scale of 10.

  1. CYRIL CHIBWE 7/10

    Cyril conceded three unfortunate goals in very bizarre
    circumstances but signed his name on the page of Zambia’s most enterprising shot-stopping spectacles from a goalkeeper on National duty. His readership of the game and ball distribution was top-notch. He was brave and kept forcing himself out of his area to rescue the blunders of his back three. He looked like a perfect replacement for Kennedy Mweene.
  2. LUKA BANDA 6.1/10

It was by far the biggest test of his career and most challenging assignment on National duty and it didnt end well. Luka in all fairness took everything the Algerians threw his way with such heart, spirit, and soul but a nasty clash of his hip bone against the upright in trying to stop the second goal from going in left him injured and got substituted.

  1. ADRIAN CHAMA 4.2/10

The smart and technicaly gifted Algerians conjure a killer one, two move and the third touch from a triangle that unlocks the Zambian defence finds Gizal who runs straight at Adrian. Adrian makes a step behind which puts him in his eighteen box and stands as still as a pole thinking the incoming Gizal will shoot but the Algerian zooms past Adrian leaving him rooted and Gizal comes one on one with Chibwe and the Algerians score. Adrian was that poor through out the match, he kept running away from the responsibility of holding Slimani thereby hipping all pressure on Kabaso Chongo who kept running from the left to right in trying to fix the centripetal balance in a precarious 3-6-3 formation and that naivity from Adrian proved fatal.

  1. KABASO CHONGO 4.3/10

    It was a shaky display for the tough and rough center-back who must take responsibility for the third goal. He looked under pressure to impress and that was fatal as he failed to clear a dangerous ball from the left wing where he was covering up and the Algerians made no mistake. Overall, he looked solid on the ground and a tearing beast in the air. His composure and confidence on the ball were top class. He threw himself in all efforts to stop the ball from going in but it was a bad day at the office.

Nathan was substituted in the 20th minute but it had nothing to do with his poor showing. He is a midfield general who couldnt share territory with another of his kind in Benson Sakala. The two were all packed in the holding midfield role and they lacked the fluency and balance Zambia needed to stop the quick Arabs and Sinkala got sacrificed.

  1. BENSON SAKALA 8.9/10

AMERICANO was ruthless at the boiling point of things in midfield. He was a six sylinder head engine, a four wheel driver that kept pulling through a very difficult terraine of a determined and vengeful Algerian side. He was composed, accurate, industrious and played with majestic command. It was a signature full blooded perfomance from the power dynamoes
captain. He marked his territory staking his claim to every treasures he found and he won hearts and the future seems to be smilling at his arrival.

  1. ENOCK MWEPU 7.7/10

    Very difficult to rate his performance going by his standards but Enock Mwepu is world-class. His freedom of movement and expression on the ball was closed by the two defensive midfielders who kept suffocating his ignition but once the midfield got decongested and the free-flowing Lubambo came in, he morphed into some beautiful showdown of poetry and flamboyance which opened space for Patson Daka.
  2. PATSON DAKA 8.8/10

    Pace, power, drive, and some undeniable predatory instincts, the smiling assassin was a constant menace in the fabrics of the Algerian defence. He is strong on the ball and his aggressive aerial presence won him the first penalty. If he keeps playing with such drive, hunger, and dominating physical presence, he will thrive in the premier league this summer. He had his brace, with one goal ruled out as offside and it was a spirited decent display for Patson.

Augustine had one of his best games in National colours in a long while. He looked self motivated, aggressive and wore his heart on his sleeves. His powerful runs from the far right cutting into the middle kept sending panick into the Algerian defence and he kept doing the same right things with unmatched consistency til he got sustituted.

  1. CLETOUS CHAMA 7.6/10

He scored a sweet nodding drop from his head but he would have scored just more than once.

Mwepu slided onto his right foot a clear cut ball which left him with only the goal keeper to beat but he wet for power instead of precission balooning a golden opportunity. He had a scattered game by his standards but his ability to hold the ball and distribute with deft was a romantic addition of colour to the Zambian

Zambia vs Algeria Substitutes


He smashed a big slap of shame in the face of the coach for leaving him on the bench.Luba is simply sensational and keeps getting better with age.He had the magic touch, moved the ball with such deft and kept leaving the Algerians kicking the air at every turn and twist he made on the right flank. Those long legs must have been boiled in some Brazilian pot of magic. Got the ball and attcked with viper intellect into the box. His inteoduction changed the game. He was tje match stick Zambian needed to light up the fire pf hope for an Afcon qualification but was just not meant to be.

  1. MOSES PHIRI 7/10

He came in with some positive energy and he was unlucky to see his thirty yard thunderbolt piled out by a very agile Algrian goal keeper he came back for the rebound and used his body with such cunning approbation causin a penalty.

MICHO 4.8/10

He messed up everything when he decided to employ a 3-6-3 formation when Zambia needed to attack and score more than to defend. which left him with only the goalkeeper to beat but he wet for power instead of precision ballooning a golden opportunity. He had a scattered game by his standards but his ability to hold the ball and distribute with deft was a romantic addition of color to the Zambian

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