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Donashano Malama, Munthali and Tshimenga

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The Nkana FC loss yesterday was a tipping point for the technical not only at Nkana but for Janza also.

  1.  Jackson Mwanza prowess was epitome and unimaginable. Billy was a failure to stop the sportsman criterion. The coach should have read this quickly and found a specifics for a counter.
  2.  Having 3 key players To the NATIONAL team and them subjected to no lineup show was brutal and unwarranted for the Nkana fan. But it was a tipping
    point for the team to have on the bench the likes of Donashano and Sate Sate to ensure a continuum
  3. Superstition has no room in sports. It’s allowance is only psychological and of course consequential
  4. Jackson Mwanza has had little play at the national level yet his moves are remarkable, been able to pass 1,2,3…defenders. For football sake he is a top scorer and has shown greater ability to score. He is a statistical board than those we enquire to score for us at the national level.


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