CAF Games Are Not For Children – Buildcon Need To Man Up

The excitement of learning about supersonic talent in Klings Kangwa and Lameck Banda signing for Arsenal Tula in Russia is a giant leap of progress for the duo but Buildcon now hangs of a thin thread above the fires of failure in Africa.

The Zambian league has been making noise in the CAF games in the recent past. The league has been on the rise but it has all been because of one team: Zesco united.

Other teams that represent Zambia alongside Zesco have been heaps of embarrassing failure due to one obvious reason. They don’t take Champions league fixtures seriously.

When Nkana qualified for CAF games the odds that the legendary Zambian reds would do well were so high till they let go of Idriss Mbombo and kept silent.

Mbombo was a player who had sole handily carried Nkana on his shoulders that season scoring a screaming twenty-one goals but Nkana chose to tremble at a few bucks from Sudan at the expense of success in Africa. They went on to crush out in Tanzania.

Zesco, on the other hand, stood resilient and showed both dignity and character when the pressure came rolling from Orlando Pirates over the acquisition of Kambole.

The Ndola giants proved their magnitude by holding on to their MVP and he gained value as he helped the team reach the group stages of the Confed games now that is dignity. Dignity in transfers is when you are able to hold on to your MVP because you want him to help you win and have him gain value for a bigger and better deal the following season. The Mbappe factor at PSG.

A quick postmortem on why Green Eagles like Nkana crushed out of the CAF games indicates a lack of self-worth and transfer dignity. They also trembled at a few bucks from a bottom-placed South African side which couldn’t even keep TAPSON KASEBA. TAPSON KASEBA had his time wasted and came back home. However, he was ineligible to feature for Green eagles as he was not registered for CAF games. Green Eagles had no impact player upfront and success in Africa doesn’t come on such mediocrity.

Buildcon Latest News

Now cometh the hour cometh Buildcon. Lameck Banda and Klings Kangwa were the most impact players at Buildcon last season on the team’s ascendance into the CAF games. It was obvious that the duo would have helped Buildcon shine in Africa and the players would have had gained value but Buildcon can’t learn.

They release their most valuable assets and then they sit in their sofas drinking coffee while Waiting to succeed in Africa. Dry jokes!

Zesco United has been a trendsetter on how to succeed in Africa and other Zambian teas must take their seats and learn. Two weeks after selling Kambole, Chris Mugalu is already at Levy Mwanawasa to replace Lazzy.

Green Eagles learnt it the hard way, they are in East Africa shaping up, ZANACO has been signing anything they bump into on the streets, Zesco just landed Chris Mugalu. Buildcon?

Who is Buildcon signing to replace Banda and Kangwa and why are they quiet about the transfers of the two. No press release no any statement.

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